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Secret Santa ~ Nepeta Leijon x Reader
~Secret Santa~
“There is never a time or place for true love.
It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat,
in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”
          Taking a small breath, your fingers slowly unwrapped the olive paper to reveal a photo album. But it wasn’t an album like all the others, there was something special about it. Its covers were made from high quality leather, so smooth to touch, and on the front four letters were engraved in a gold font. “O.T.Ps.” Along the spine there were cute little paws with a dotted theme in between. All of it looked handmade and you couldn’t imagine how much time and heart the person must have put into making it.
          When you opened it to the first page, a green letter fell onto your lap. Curiously, you gently took it into your hands and carefully removed the cat signet that was sealing it. A smile crept on your face when you recognized your dear friend
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 12 3
Leijons by Fairy-of-the-valley Leijons :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 15 2 Pitch Black by Fairy-of-the-valley Pitch Black :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 15 2 Megidos by Fairy-of-the-valley Megidos :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 35 6 Vantas by Fairy-of-the-valley Vantas :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 8 2 Makaras by Fairy-of-the-valley Makaras :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 24 2 Rose Lalonde by Fairy-of-the-valley Rose Lalonde :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 15 9 Nitrams by Fairy-of-the-valley Nitrams :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 18 4 Zahhaks by Fairy-of-the-valley Zahhaks :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 22 4 I'm Made of Time by Fairy-of-the-valley I'm Made of Time :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 10 0 Captors by Fairy-of-the-valley Captors :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 18 0 Amporas by Fairy-of-the-valley Amporas :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 20 2 Bee boi by Fairy-of-the-valley Bee boi :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 6 0 How you doin' by Fairy-of-the-valley How you doin' :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 7 4 Make Her Pay by Fairy-of-the-valley Make Her Pay :iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 10 9
Secret Santa ~ Dave Strider x Reade
~Secret Santa~
"Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent."
          Taking a small breath, your fingers slowly unwrapped the red and black paper to reveal an ancient relict that you couldn't believe people still used anymore. You held up the colourful case which contained a mix tape inside. Bringing it closer to your face, you removed it from its case and examined the object. It has been years since you've last used one considering the uprising of CDs and, later on, of the internet. With the tips of your fingers you traced the small paper where the name of the songs were usually written. It read "you'll have to hear it in order to find out" in crimson letters.
          On the back of the case, you found a small paper folded neatly and pasted with adhesive bands. You carefully detached it, curious as to what it might conceal.
          "’sup, [Y/N].
:iconfairy-of-the-valley:Fairy-of-the-valley 15 8

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Lost in the Woods [Ace x Reader] (One Shot)
Dammit...I was pretty sure this was the right path...  You glanced to your right, then to your left. crap...I am lost... You sighed as pulled your backpack off, unzipping it to retrieve your water. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today and you thought hiking was a good idea. Though you should have brought a friend with you because you do have a tendency of getting lost. You dug through your bag for your cell, holding it up to the sky to try to get a signal. "A complete dead zone..." You muttered and sighed. I have to keep walking then...I am sure I will find the path soon.
A couple hours passed and you still had no luck with finding your way back. You pouted and looked up at the sky, your body suddenly becoming freezing. storm clouds?! It was gorgeous out! What the hell!! You were terrified of thunder storms, non-the-less being out in the forest with no shelter from it. You began to panic and looked about frantically for some trees or cave tha
:iconkittybones4:Kittybones4 108 14
Mature content
Izo x Reader: Honor to Us All :iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 86 13
Mature content
Inazuma x Reader: That's What Friends Are For :iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 49 8
Usopp x reader ~Two little secrets

It is another sunny day on the Sunny. Nami and Robin are sunbathing with Sanji swirling around them in his little tornado mode. Zoro is in the crow's nest training, Franky down in his workshop, and Brook sitting in the gallery drinking tea. Chopper, Luffy and Usopp are fooling around as you sit on the railing, trying to capture them in the drawing notebook you had on your lap.
Actually, you wanted to draw one specific person from the group, but you could not draw him alone, as you knew it would arise Nami's and Robin's suspicions. You let out a content sigh as you finish the drawing, looking it over proudly. In your drawing, the three lay on their backs on the grassy deck, hands stretched towards the sky, and looked as if reaching out of the picture. All of them had bright smiles on their faces. You smile at your creation, another wave of pride filling you.
"Oi! (F/n)! What did you draw?" A voice draws you back to reality. Your cheeks ta
:iconthebloodyfullmoon:TheBloodyFullMoon 33 6
Dirty Little Pranks~ Ace x Reader *Competition*

         You weren't sure how it began, maybe a few little pranks you pulled on him when he was new to the crew is how it started. But you never thought it would get this bad....
         Hurried footsteps pass by the closet where you hid, silently snickering to yourself. "Where is he yoi!?" Marco calls, a hint of annoyance laced his usually calm and kinda sweet voice. Your grin widens, oh, Ace was gonna get it this time!
         "Where's who?" Thatch asks.
         "Little FireFist yoi, he left scorch marks in my room and burnt one of my shirts!" Marco explains with a slight growl.
          "Wha- No I didnt!!" Ace objects loudly. You swiftly get into an empty barrel.
          "Here we go!!" You giggle quietly, putting the lid in place.
          "Oh yeah? Then who else woul
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 334 50
Pineapples Marco x Reader RQ
          It was another pleasantly cool day on the Moby Dick, you curled up into a ball and snuggled deeper into your favorite chair. Minutes passed by and you went into a half-asleep to the soothing rhythm of the waves, when you felt a pair of strong arms lift you up out of the chair and set you down on the floor. You groggily opened your eyes.
          “The hell?” You mumbled tiredly and rubbed your eyes, only to see the first division commander in your seat. “Marcooo.” You whined, standing up to try to put him out of your chair. “Shoo.” You pouted, and then proceeded to lift the back of the chair to dump him out. He slid onto the floor and you quickly reclaimed your seat, this time, grabbing onto the chair; only to have yourself be lifted off and placed on the floor once again. “Marcooooooo.” You complained, “you know that’s my favorite chair.
:iconawkwardaxolotl:AwkwardAxolotl 104 14

Awesome art from awesome people. ~(;^; )~



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:bulletblue: Name : Teona

:bulletyellow: Age : 17

:bulletorange: Height : 5'11'' ( 180 cm )

:bulletpurple: Zodiac sign : Capricorn

:bulletred: Current residence : Iasi, Romania

:bulletgreen: Favorite gene of music : Rock!

:bulletblue: Favorite bands/singers : Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Celine Dion, Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, ABBA, Aerosmith, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones, Caro Emerald and the list continues...

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Skype : ctromedea

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From Rock 'n' Roll garbage to Anime trash in less than a year. Wow.

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